Me spinning happily on my first visit to China, my homeland.

Also known as Sab 🍳

When I was four years old, I broke my grandpa’s glasses. With not much thought, I taped together the broken pieces and gave it back to him. He was not happy. I realized that wasn’t the best solution, but since then I have come a long way in understanding how to solve problems for people.

Hello! I'm a product designer with a passion for creating digital solutions and a background in planning human-centred cities.

I fell into design through my quest to create positive impact by combining art, technology, and strategic thinking. I love the end-to-end design process and seeing how each artifact can impact a whole system.

Here are some ways I'd fit into your team. ✨

I put people first.

I recently graduated (2020 baybeee) from the University of Waterloo where I studied urban planning and specialized in urban design.

As urban planners, we put people at the centre of our work so we can plan sustainable futures. Over the course of five years, I learned how to be a better advocate for underrepresented communities and for the welfare of the general public.

My fourth year urban design team presented our redevelopment of Downtown Cambridge at the Cambridge City Hall in 2019.

My family's bakery in Toronto. We just opened! Follow along our journey on Instagram at @manzoubakery.

I understand business needs.

I'm from a family of first generation immigrants who started their own business in Toronto. I've grown up around this business for half my life and have developed a unique perspective on small business needs and challenges.

I'm a visual storyteller.

I love when stories can leverage imagery and sound to leave a larger impact. Which is why my absolute favourite storytelling medium is through video editing and animation. If a picture can speak 1000 words, then a video can speak maybe even millions more.

One of my favourite memories of a special trip to Japan in 2017 captured and retold in video.

I'm a lifelong learner.

I'm curious about people, ideas, and things. I love learning by doing, and I especially love learning through stories.

Currently learning how to design cakes for my family's bakery.

Team photo after a successful panel series in summer 2019.

I'm a community builder.

In my free time, I have helped grow the design community at the University of Waterloo.

Let's connect 👋

I'm open to talk about design and well...just about anything else.