Fostering the design community at the University of Waterloo.


Team Lead (Co-Lead), January 2020 – April 2020
Marketing Lead, May 2019 – August 2019


Diwya De Silva (Co-Lead) and 12 other amazing designers


Discovering a design community for students

UW/UX is a student organization that strives to connect, educate, and grow the design community at the University of Waterloo. We provide design focused workshops, mentorship opportunities, socials, and events in partnership with industry professionals. During my time on UW/UX, I led marketing as well as a team of twelve designers to plan and execute our events.


Kickstarting our social media

During the summer of 2019, our team saw an opportunity to start and grow our presence on Instagram. Over the course of a year, our reach grew steadily from 0 followers to over 500.


Exploring our brand identity

UW/UX's branding had been black and white for years. During summer 2019, we realized this limited our creative expression, especially towards a design-focused community. We began experimenting with the idea of a more flexible brand identity.

The new team of summer 2020 is currently solidifying UW/UX's refreshed brand identity.


Connecting the design community

Through and through, UW/UX has hosted events in partnership with industry professionals to build stronger relationships between students and the local Waterloo tech community.


Co-leading a team of twelve

During winter 2020, Diwya and I set our goals for the term, facilitated bi-weekly meetings, and co-created events with the whole team. We were able to successfully host two workshops, a resume & portfolio critique session, and a partnered event with UW Blueprint.

Unfortunately, our term got cut short due to COVID-19, which caused many of our plans to be cancelled or moved indefinitely.

As remote communications were becoming the new normal, we had our last meeting of the term via Zoom!

Shifting to remote work

Planning for summer 2020

With pandemic restrictions growing stronger, we began thinking about how UW/UX could operate remotely. To ensure a smooth transition and the success of the upcoming term, we considered areas of improvement from the winter term. Next, we kickstarted a brainstorming session of event ideas and rescheduled events from the previous term.